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  • Category: Webinars April 15, 2021

    Architecture and Tradition

    As a trustee, Martha Grekos was invited to chair the London's Society's event on 'Architecture and Tradition: the buildings and designs of the Inns of Court'. The guest speaker,  Kate Davey, explored the buildings from the 12th century to the 21st century and discussed continuity and...

  • Category: Webinars December 16, 2020

    Our Christmas is Local

    Martha Grekos was invited by Chief Executive of Cratus, Nick Kilby, to be part of the webinar 'Our Christmas is Local - a Cratus Special'. 

    Special guests included Lord Porter, Theresa Grant, Geeta Nanda, Vikki Slade, Sean Anstee, Gemma Gallant, Chris Blackhurst, Rob Boughton, Mairead...

  • Category: Webinars September 29, 2020

    Do Codes Prevent Design Innovation?

    Martha Grekos was invited by The Architecture Club to be part of their panel series discussing aspects of the Government's Planning White Paper which proposes significant changes to the way planning and therefore design will be administered in the future. The panel...

  • Category: Webinars May 14, 2020

    Moving London out of Lockdown

    Martha Grekos, along with Stephen Hammond MP, Councillor Peter John OBE and Joanna Rowelle of Arup, was part of a webinar panel organised by Cratus discussing how to move London out of lockdown. Issues focused on whether development can jump start the London economy...

  • Category: Webinars April 01, 2020

    Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) London...

    Martha Grekos gave her first virtual seminar conference as a speaker from her study at home to over 150 participants during the Covid-19 pandemic. This was with RICS, who for the first time ever put on the whole London CPD virtually. The day event was extremely...

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